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Vina Jewellery

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Almond shape eye on Hook Earrings

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It's not only a fashion jewelry, but also a lucky charm. It's a popular item for young adults and teenagers. This earring is very delicate and attractive. It is made of sterling silver with a dark blue enamel eye. It is a perfect gift for a special person in your life. The earring is lightweight and easy to wear.


Colour: Silver rhodium plated, Rose gold, Yellow gold

Size: 4x9mm evil eye charm

Material: Sterling Silver, Enamel

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The woman behind Vina Jewellery is Vina Lambert, founder, jewellery designer and sterling silver specialist. Vina has been in the jewellery industry since 1989. After 20 years spent sourcing the finest jewellery for retailers across Australia and New Zealand, and developing a keen eye for exquisite designs, Vina finally launched her very own brand. The result is a stunning collection of sterling silver pieces complemented with sparkling cubic zirconia, pearls and other semi-precious stones, made in collaboration with a team of highly experienced jewellery setters.